Girls soccer semis and finals

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

News flash.

Virginia can get hot. Really hot.

Such was the case for me and anyone else at Cosby High School this past Wednesday for the semifinals of the Central Region girls soccer tournament. There were two games on the slate, Midlothian vs. Thomas Dale and Deep Run vs. Cosby.

At 5:30, the Midlo-TD game was in arguably the grips of the hottest part of the day. The match was actually delayed for over 30 minutes because the temperatures on the field were at around 105 degrees.

It was probably about that hot in the press box. At least it felt that way to me.

Now, I’m somewhat used to the heat as for the past seven summers I’ve worked at a cub scout summer camp where being out in ridiculously hot temperatures all day long is the norm.

It does take some getting back used to though.

So, I had multiple waters and Gatorade bottles piling up next to my computer and notepad in about the first ten minutes of the game.

Game 1 ended pretty quickly, with game 2 going into triple overtime. By the time I made it down to Deep Run’s sideline to interview the players and coaches, I felt like I had played multiple games of soccer myself, as sweat was pouring down my forehead.

Then, I ran my car and got to McDonald’s before the lobby closed so I could use their Wi-Fi and file the story. I then made it home and enjoyed a shower.

Friday was the girls and boys soccer final, also at Cosby. The girls game was at 5:30 and it could not have been more of a different atmosphere than Wednesday. The temperatures were in the 80s, low humidity and even a nice breeze. It was glorious and I felt like I could focus so much more on the game rather than constantly worry about if I was going to have to deal with the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Deep Run was playing Midlothian and the Wildcats landed up winning 2-1, meaning I get to make the incredibly short trip (no sarcasm here, Deep Run HS is like 10 minutes away from my house, as opposed to the 25 minute drive to Cosby) and I will be covering that state tournament quarterfinal game on Tuesday. The semifinals are on Friday and the finals on Saturday.

Next week, I will be covering the re-opening race at Southside Speedway.


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