Kurt Busch

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

So this was quite a day for me. For those that don’t know, I’m a huge NASCAR fan and when my editor told me I’d have the chance to meet Kurt Busch, one of the top flight drivers on the Sprint Cup circuit. I was to write both a story and shoot video on the day’s events.

My day started at Richmond International Raceway, where I met up with RIR’s PR director as well as another reporter from another paper.  We drove up to Quantico MCB and got the day started with Busch talking to a group of Marines in an auditorium about a bunch of different things. Some of the Marines had questions for him, which he answered all of and at length as well. Followed that up with an autograph and photograph session, which I’m sure was awesome for the Marines.

While Busch was signing autographs, I was being instructed to put on a Kevlar helmet, Goretex digital camo jacket and Kelvar vest. This was all since we were going to be going to a training area with live ammo being fired off, so it was all pre-cautionary and everyone going had to do it.

Also, it was really, really cool.

After that, we hopped on a bus to head over to the training area and got a few safety talks before the main event: the launching of a mortar. The president of RIR and Busch both got to put the ammo into the barrel and have it be fired. It was loud and there was a pretty good thump in your chest when it fired. After that, he was interviewed by a few cameras out on the range, which I also filmed, but it wasn’t my time just yet to ask him questions.

After the range, we went to a mess hall for lunch and had some pretty good food. I had a nice salad and a grilled cheese sandwich. Then, I finally got to talk to the driver of the No. 22 car.

First off, he was a real nice guy. I wasn’t star-struck or anything and asked my questions in a poignant and precise way. I got all the interview on tape, obviously and afterward, I just said hi to him, joked with him and “thanked” him for winning at Atlanta last year, when I picked him in my pool and got a picture with him as well.

I got alot of praise on the article and video and it’s even traveled beyond RTD by appearing on a TV station in Roanoke’s page.


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